Solutions for Hospitals



UroSense™ is comprised of a disposable sensor enabled urine container, attached to a catheter. It senses and transmits the fill level of the container wirelessly to a computer that displays it.

The entire sensor and container are disposable, while the wireless system and software are reusable. UroSense™ also supports catheters with integrated thermometers (Thermistors) that enable the most accurate code body temperature to be constantly monitored over the same reusable wireless system.

Our hospital product has flow over time with programmable alarms as well as a “Command Center” view of multiple beds, along with history for all data collected. 

We have a patient being monitored in the top left corner of the screen on each bed as shown. If the patient was being monitored with UroSense™, the icon would be displayed in Blue color or show a flashing “warning mode.”

In this case, the patient shows a critical alarm which is represented in Red. This could be an alarm or alert based on critical levels of Core Body Temperature and/or Urine Output or if the Urine Container needs to be emptied.